Tudor couldn't break the curse

Başakşehir has been a tough cookie to bite in these past few years for Galatasaray, with CimBom winning 1, drawing 2 and losing 3 in their last 6 matches with the last win coming in the first half of last season. Sadly, for Galatasaray the tendency did not change today as they lost to Avcı’s side a staggering 4-0.

Risky choices from Tudor

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I honestly have no idea why, but Tudor decided to bench Podolski who was playing rather in form this past week in the blowout against Adanaspor. He put Yasin in that position instead. And once again Yasin has showed everyone including Tudor that it’s usually football IQ(Podolski) over speed(Yasin) in most situations. I believe it was the first time Yasin has played under the striker in his Galatasaray career. This wasn’t the first gamble of the formation by Tudor. The young manager decided to field Semih as a right back, a position he played exactly one year ago against Fenerbahçe in the league and a couple times in the cup. Why did Igor Tudor have this massive tryout of players out of their original positions is beyond me. There are surely more options than a player who has not played in that position for a year? As much as people don’t like him, Sabri comes to mind who was not even on the bench.

Tudor thought it, Avcı showed it.

Tudor’s idea of attack-minded play with high-pressure was lacking this match against Başakşehir. However, the opponent was doing exactly what Tudor wanted/needed from his team – play high up with pressure on opposition defenders, double-team wingers and wait for counter attacks. Linnes and Semih failed in defending the wing so much so that Başakşehir did not need to rely on counter attacks. Instead, they were freely crossing their way into the box.

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Let’s have a closer look at the reenactment of Frozen:

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Here is an example of the high-pressure model that Avcı used for a good 20-25 minutes:

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Başakşehir keeps the same amount of players as Galatasaray side, closing down each player so that Ahmet has to play long. Which he does, and Başakşehir keeps the ball.

The making of the second goal is eerily too similar to the first one. Another wide open cross:

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Adebayor’s hattrick came from wingplay, and Muslera actually saved quite a few attempts that yet again came from… you guessed it, wingplay. While Galatasaray could use the same tactic with Bruma and Rodrigues, they were quickly closed down properly by 2 players, here are examples for both wings:

Source: beIN Sports Turkey
Source: beIN Sports Turkey

Out of 17 shots, Başakşehir players managed to hit the target 8 times. Galatasaray on the other hand could come up with 4 shots, none hitting the target. In the defensive department Tudor’s could successfully tackle 11 times while being dispossessed 13 times, Avcı’s players on the other hand were dispossessed 6 times and tackled 21 balls successfully. This shows how Başakşehir was in complete control on both sides of the pitch.

Yasin was simply not the man for the job

Just to show the sheer dominance of Başakşehir in the first half, here are both teams’ touches inside opposition boxes:

Source: WhoScored

You guessed it, Galatasaray managed to touch the ball only 3 times over the first half. To make things worse, Galatasaray had 54% possession over their opponent in the first half. The midfield trio consisting of Yasin, Selçuk and Josue had a collective 15% of the ball out of the 54%. Chedjou and Ahmet played just shy of 15% with the ball which shows how ineffective the midfield, and especially Yasin(1.8%), was. Had Podolski started the game just like against Adanaspor, the numbers could have been different and more in favor of Galatasaray.

Although, Galatasaray kept a good amount of the ball, they couldn’t push it forward. Even out-of-form Sneijder could have performed better with the ball in Yasin’s position if not Podolski. Just to convince you why Yasin is not suitable for AMC/SS position below is a map for all of his touches to the ball throughout the game:

Source: WhoScored

And here are Podolski’s touches from last week’s game:

Source: WhoScored

Can you spot the difference? Sure Adanaspor is a weaker side comparing to Başakşehir, but Galatasaray had a total of 807 touches comparing to today’s 718, which in my opinion is not a big margin. Not only did Podolski have more touches to the ball, he kept his position while Yasin kept sliding off to the side where his natural position is. The first half was also like hell for Yasin as he got the ball 14 times, lowest amount on the field, had zero shots and zero crosses while playing with 66% passing. Terrible

Tudor should have accepted his mistake and benched Yasin at the half and sub in Poldi or Sneijder while keeping Rodrigues who was clearly a better choice to keep on the field than Yasin. Instead, he kept Yasin on and made his first substitution very late at 67’ by putting Podolski instead of Semih, pushing Yasin to right back position(a spot where Yasin last played 5 million years ago) and letting Podolski play AMC.

Some rad stats

Source: NTV Spor
  • Adebayor scored a hattrick while shooting the ball 3 times.
  • Wonderkid Cengiz made 3 crosses, 2 key passes, won 3 tackles and played with 89% passing in the first half.
  • Emre had the most possession in his team and still managed to keep 90% passing by the end of the game.

Man of the match

Without a doubt it is Adebayor, with the help of helpless defenders and great crosses from wingers he managed to cash in a hattrick. His first since 2011 with Real Madrid.

Source: NTV Spor